The Gold Diggers Podcast

About us

Hey, we’re Ang and Beck. We met over five years ago and instantly became friends.  In that time we have walked 1000s of kms along the stunning coastline of the Sunshine Coast, Qld Australia, where we both live.  We’ve enjoyed 100s of Oakberry Acai bowls, our favourite after workout treat.  We’ve nearly wet ourselves laughing playing sardines with our two families squeezed inside a wardrobe in a holiday unit in Far North Queensland. We seem to bring out the inner child in each other, and we love a good dress up party. We have even written and published books together.

The Gold Diggers Podcast was the natural progression from our friendship that loves to encourage the gold in each other and is fascinated by people from all walks of life. It helps that we both love a good story and are surrounded by amazing people with inspiring lives.

We began podcasting in June 2022 after noticing a common theme through the many stories we were reading.   The world has increasingly become starved of encouragement.  People are afraid to be who they are for fear of rejection or disapproval. 

So we set out to change that, by starting a podcast that builds people up, not tears them down and reveals the gold that exists within every one. As our guests are unknown to at least one of us, this enables our interview to be completely unscripted and organic, making for a real heartfelt connection between our guests and our listeners.

The Gold Diggers Podcast is proving to be a golden nugget, not just to our listeners, but also to our guests as they leave encouraged and uplifted.  It is truly a gift we can give to the world.  It’s amazing to see what a simple encouragement can do to change peoples lives and the bonus is, it’s changing us in the process too.

If you or someone you know would like to be a guest on The Gold Diggers Podcast, then please get in touch with us, so we can find the gold in you.

The Gold Diggers Podcast

Angela Williams

Hey, I’m Angela Williams and I’m one of your hosts on The Gold Diggers Podcast.  I’m the one with the British accent. 

As a British born Australian Citizen, I have experienced a full life.  One of adventure, travel, making new friends, embracing new cultures and adapting to change. 

I have jumped out of airplanes, ran a half marathon, joined a humanitarian effort to some of the remotest places in the world, swam with sharks at feeding time, started a podcast and written and released a biographical book called ‘Extravagant Life to Extravagant Love’, and that’s just within the last 18 months.  Phew!!  I need a rest.

I am also a mum of an adult son and a wife of 26 years.  Perhaps I need a medal as well.

It’s a little ironic that I run a podcast called The Gold Diggers as I was born and raised in a very affluent and influential home in the UK.  My Father is a British Lord and a philanthropist.  Which leads nicely into what I am passionate about.

Helping People.

During my years in England, I founded a charity called Embrace that helped rescue and restore women working in prostitution, in particular on street sex workers.  Needless to say, I learned a thing or two while walking the streets talking to the women.  Mainly, that everyone has a story unique to them and nothing is ever as it seems. 

We make judgements based on appearances and lifestyle (hey, it happens to me too) but I know from experience that there is far more to people if we dig deep enough and dare to see the gold that lies beneath the surface.

Cue the birthing of The Gold Diggers Podcast, where I get to do what I love every week.  Meet new people, talk about the adventures of life,  learn through others life experience and tell people that they have a value far beyond what they can often see in themselves, and the best thing of all is I get to do this with my bestie Beck.

The Gold Diggers Podcast

Rebecca Moore

Hey, I’m Rebecca Moore and I am also a host on The Gold Diggers Podcast. I’m the Aussie girl who appears more British than my Pommie Co-host. 

I live on The Sunshine Coast, Qld, with my husband of 27 years, our four kids, four chickens, two sheep, a flock of local kookaburras, and a Siberian kitten named Mirabelle.

I am a country girl at heart. On a rainy day you will find me wrapped in a blanket, huddled around a fireplace with a good book, a piano, a cup of hot chocolate and my five most favourite people distracting me from my work.

I love hanging out with my family. We love a rowdy games night and lots of laugh-out-loud moments. They are my greatest achievement and continue to amaze me with their musical talent, artistic and creative abilities. Music is a big part of our family. I have played piano since early childhood and have now been teaching it for many years. 

My other great passion is writing. I have been a professional writer for more than a decade and written many articles for various publications locally and internationally over the years which led to the publication of my books First to Forty and Pizza & Choir – my third book coming early 2023. My personal goal is to inspire others through words to capture and present the beauty in everyday moments and bring life, hope and healing. 

I often imagine my life as a scene from my favourite childhood story, Anne of Green Gables. Like Anne, I too am a writer and author, and also now a publisher. My business, Star Label Publishing puts all our efforts into ‘making books that make a difference’. Since its formation in 2016, we have published many inspirational books including Ang’s book Extravagant Life To Extravagant love last year. 

In short, storytelling is my great love. That, and my family, and I also love those early morning Oakberry Acai bowls with Ang and finding the nuggets of gold in people’s stories. Just as I say in the intro to our podcast “Everyone is unique, interesting and exciting with a great story to share”. That’s why The Gold Diggers Podcast is such a good fit for me. I love telling people the value I see in them. That for me is the Gold!