Welcome to the Gold Diggers Podcast! We’re Ang and Beck, and we are The Gold Diggers, because we believe there's gold found in everyone. Everyone is unique, interesting and exciting, with a great story to share. And we aim to find it. You see so much negativity in the world, but we wanted to restore faith in Humanity - there are good people doing good things. The question is, can we rise to the challenge and strike gold? Our desire is that each of our episodes bring hope, courage, and inspire you to take hold of each day and live a truly extraordinary life.

24K of Pure Gold

We’ve had so many amazing guests over the years and these are a few of our most popular episodes that we think are pure gold.

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I’m Angela Williams and I’m the host on the Gold Diggers Podcast with the British accent. Yes I’m a pommie, but also an Aussie - A Queenslander to be exact and I’m very proud to call Australia home. I love adventure, travel, hanging out with my family and friends and watching a good doco series on Netflix. You’ll often find me hanging out at my sons concerts, shark diving in the barrier reef, watching sunsets, taking beach walks, running marathons, skiing the snow capped mountains of Europe or attending our local church. Oh and occasionally I jump out of aeroplanes and I mean occasionally.

In 2021 I released a biographical book called ‘Extravagant Life to Extravagant Love’ that shares my personal story of going from a mansion to the mission field. From the House of Lords to the red light area of one of Britain’s most violent cities. All of which lead to the formation of a charity called Embrace that for nearly twenty years has been impacting the lives of vulnerable women working on the streets. This is the story that changed my life forever and inspired my love of finding the gold in everyday people.

My greatest achievement however is in my family. I’m a wife and a mother to an adult son and we all live together on acreage with our two cute cavoodles and one mischievous groodle.. Along with a family of ducks, water hens, turtles, kookaburras, one koala and a million cane toads. Eek!

Co-hosting The Gold Diggers Podcast ticks all the boxes for me as people are my jam. I find them fascinating and remarkable as I witness the true strength of the human spirit in every story we hear. There is no greater joy than making someone feel seen and valued. There is, after all, gold to be found in everybody.


Hey, it’s Beck here, your Aussie Gold Diggers Co-host.
Let me tell you a little about myself. Firstly, I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, QLD, with my husband of 29 years, two of our four adult children, three sheep, two chickens, and a flock of local kookaburras and cockatoos. I’m a bit of a country girl at heart.

My great loves in life are my faith, being a wife, mother to my four children, and now a grandmother! As a family we love spending time together, having rowdy games nights, eating together, holidaying together and just hanging out. They are my greatest loves and continue to amaze me with their musical talent, artistic and creative abilities. As a family, we have been through a lot together which I believe has added to our closeness. It has also embedded in me the power of story and how, when shared, people’s experiences of overcoming difficult times can help and encourage others.

Having always been an avid reader, my love of words led me into the line of work of writer, publisher, and podcaster. I have been a professional writer for well over a decade, having written many articles and movie reviews published both locally and internationally, three devotional books, and two children’s books (illustrated by my very talented daughter Summer) with more books on the way. Writing led me into publishing where I find great joy helping others birth their stories into the world and equipping them with a tool to help spread their own messages of hope. I followed the power of storytelling to another media style, co-hosting a podcast with my great friend Ang, that allows others to encourage listeners with their own overcoming experiences, instilling hope, value, and courage into others, and of course finding the gold in them which Ang and I always enjoy! My personal goal is to inspire others through words to capture and present the beauty in everyday moments and bring life, hope and healing. For people to see their value – that for me is Gold!
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